greenlots ev charger

Need a EV charger on your drive around the island? Come stop by or electric car charging station while you shop and dine. We have a “greenlots” networked charger that is easy to use with either their greenlots mobile app or their RFID charge card.

Click here to go to greenlots website on EV-drivers

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Greenlots EV Charger
Frequently Asked Questions

Greenlots Account

3 different ways to make an account:

Sign up at
Download the free Greenlots app for iPhone or Android.
Call the customer care team at 855-900-7584.

To Order a Greenlots RFID

Log in to your driver account.In the profile section, click “Order an RFID”.Fill in the payment and mailing information and click “submit”.While in your profile, you may also enable automatic top ups of your account balance so that you are always ready to charge!

Greenlots Mobile App

The Greenlots app is available for iPhone (iOS 5 or later) and Android (2.2 and up) smartphones. Please submit app feedback to

To download the free App visit iTunes or Google Play and follow the steps displayed on your phone. Currently, the app is only available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

To use the mobile App

Make sure your vehicle is ready to begin charging. The app will open to the Charge screen (if it does not, please log in to the app). Enter the Greenlots Station ID or scan the QR code, and hit “GO”. Select the Connector number (if applicable) and note pricing (if applicable). Hit “Start Charge”. When finished charging, hit “Stop Charge” and disconnect your vehicle.

If the session doesn’t re-fresh every 5 minutes: Not all hardware manufactures send data during a session. In this case, once the session is complete its data will populate in the Profile session of the app.